Friday, May 29, 2009

Watery Spaghetti Sauce

I have to say that there is nothing like a bowl of spaghetti with lots of sauce.  Yeah, I know, I'm stuffing myself with carbs, but I don't care.  The one problem that we have with spaghetti sauce is that when it's ready to be served, it usually ends up watery on the plate.  Yes, I do drain my pasta and let it sit for a little bit before serving, but it never seems to work the way I want it to.  So, while browsing one of my cooking magazines, I came across a tip to prevent it from becoming watery...BREADCRUMBS.  Who would have thought?  The breadcrumbs absorb a lot of the moisture and even makes the sauce thicker.  I'm all about having think sauce.  So next time you're making your spaghetti, add the breadcrumbs to the last few minutes of your cooking time and they'll work.  It's like magic!


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  2. Do you put hamburger (or ground turkey or chicken) into your sauce? I find that if I put plenty of ground cooked meat in the sauce, it helps to absorb that moisture....I also don't use normal spaghetti noodles but those cute ones! Not sure if that helps. One other tip I'd have is to be sure you're not overcooking your noodles...although as great a cook as you are, i'm sure you're not. But when they are al dente...I don't notice this is a problem!

  3. Thank you for the tip!!! I hate watery spaghetti.
    I'm glad that I found your blog.